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Sunday December 21 , 2014
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Summit Construction Management Group

Summit Construction Management Group is a privately held company providing a full range of services all tailored to development and preservation of commercial real estate. Highly regarded for their foresight, thoroughness and dynamic problem-solving abilities, our principals have built a network of strategic professional and vendor alliances allowing Summit to efficiently and cost effectively deliver greater short-term and long-term values to our clients.

We are founded on the fundamental principal of quality being paramount, and a philosophy the relationship with a client should be treated as a partnership. Our company nurtures a corporate culture prioritizing communication, client interactivity, teamwork and creativity. The Summit team is well positioned and highly experienced. Offer us your trust, we in turn guarantee your complete satisfaction.


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Fill out our FREE on-line Request For Proposal Form today. A qualified Summit representative will contact you for review of your project and how our portfolio of services may be of assistance. Thank you for considering the Summit Group of companies.

Contact Information

  • Summit Construction Management Group, LLC
  • 421 South Summerlin Ave
  • Orlando, Florida 32801
  • 1.267.331.4882 Office
  • 1.267.331.4889 Facsimile